Cable Factory

Situated on the western waterfront of the city, Cable Factory was used to manufacture cable and telephone equipment by Nokia from 1940 until the 1980s.

With over five hectares of floor space, Cable Factory is the largest cultural structure in Helsinki, containing dozens of studios for artists, architects, designers and musicians, as well as museums, art schools, dance and publishing companies and other cultural institutions, non-profit organizations and commercial enterprises. The Cable Factory is the daily workplace for over 700 professionals in every field of art and creative business.

The Cable Factory is a member of the Trans Europe Halles -network.


Cable Factory Studios

HIAP Studios at the Cable Factory are located on the fourth floor of the Cable Factory cultural complex. The three studios that make up the HIAP Cable Factory residency occupy each approx. 60 m2 of space and are fully equipped for independent living and working. Each studio includes a private bathroom, cooking area, sleeping loft and broadband Internet connection.