Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

Launched in 1998, HIAP has grown to be one of the leading international residency centres in Finland and the Nordic & Baltic region. The residency programmes at HIAP focus mostly on contemporary art but are open to arts professionals from other disciplines as well, including design, performance, dance, theatre, literature, comics and sound art. HIAP also runs multi-year thematic projects and programmes, which highlight a certain geographical area or concentrate on a specific contemporary topic or an aspect of artistic practice.

The studios, which combine living and working space, are located in Cable Factory and on the island of Suomenlinna, both in Helsinki, Finland. Every year between 70–90 art professionals from around the world are offered a working period of 1–3 months in the HIAP residency studios in Helsinki.

The main objectives of the HIAP residency programme are:

- to initiate and support new approaches in producing, understanding, studying and valuing art

- to encourage artistic exploration and cross-disciplinary creativity

- to provide international arts professionals with opportunities to undertake creative work, conduct research and build networks

- to present the creative work of international artists to audiences in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and

- to foster international collaboration, exchange and dialogue in the arts

HIAP encourages artists-in-residence to carry out collaborations with local artists and arts organisations and to realise projects accessible to a wide range of audiences. While working on their projects during the residency, the artists have access to HIAP administrative support and to contacts with local arts professionals and organisations. During the residency there is a chance to give a presentation about the work process in form of an open studio event. Occasionally HIAP arranges special events with artists-in-residence and with practitioners from the local scene, such as group and solo exhibitions, screenings, presentations, lectures, workshops, discussions and concerts.


The core values at HIAP are: Openness, Hospitality and Courage

Openness: HIAP is always open to new people, ideas and projects from diverse backgrounds. Activities are built on identification of the challenges, needs and possibilities that are relevant to the contemporary professional art-making and on an unbiased analysis of topical issues in the society. Programme objectives and best practices are developed by an ongoing open dialogue with wide range of partners both on an institutional and grass-root level. The programme and its administration are transparent at all times and instances.

Hospitality: Within the programme, international visitors feel welcome and at home in Helsinki. For local professionals and organisations HIAP is a trusted partner and expert in international relations. For audiences and professionals alike, HIAP offers an accessible platform for creative encounters, new experiences and successful collaborations. All activities are based on principles of equality and inclusiveness.

Courage: HIAP is committed to taking the initiative in its field and crossing geographic, artistic, social and intellectual frontiers. The residency programme supports the conditions necessary to expand cultural tolerance and foster diversity in society. The artistic programming is ambitious and maintained at the highest level at all times, without compromise.