Helsinki-Frankfurt Residency Exchange 2018 (Artists from Frankfurt)

Helsinki-Frankfurt Residency Exchange offers residencies for Helsinki-based artists in Frankfurt and for Frankfurt-based artists in Helsinki. The exchange is co-organised by HIAP and the production and exhibition platform basis e.v. with the support by the City of Frankfurt's Department for Culture. Basis e.v. runs an Artist-In-Residence program AIR_Frankfurt, which aims to foster international interaction between Frankfurt and emerging art centers across the world.

The aim of the Helsinki-Frankfurt exchange is to provide participating artists with time, space, and support for their creative work and to foster dialogue, collaboration and networking opportunities. The programme is designed to promote the artistic and cultural interchange between the two cities and is based on the principle of reciprocity. 

Basis e.V's open call is for artists from Frankfurt. By this open call, one artist will be selected for a residency in Helsinki. The residency will take place in HIAP Cable Factory September–November, 2018. Deadline for applications is May 13, 2018.

Please see Basis e.V.'s website for full details on criteria for candidates and instructions on how to apply.

Juuso Noronkoski is the Finnish artist to participate in the Helsinki-Frankfurt Residency Exchange in 2018.