HIAP Residency Programme

HIAP Residency Programme is HIAP's main residency programme, which has welcomed artists to Helsinki since the year 1998.

HIAP Residency Programme focuses on contemporary art but is open for art professionals from other disciplines as well. The residency duration is usually between 2-3 months and includes accommodation and studio space at HIAP Studios free of charge. The studios, which combine living and working space, are located in Cable Factory and on the island of Suomenlinna, both in Helsinki, Finland. With the support of our partners (see the list at the end of the page) most of the residencies also cover travel costs and include a monthly working grant.

HIAP encourages artists-in-residence to carry out collaborations with local artists and arts organisations and to realise projects accessible to a wide range of audiences. While working on their projects during the residency, the artists have access to HIAP administrative support and to contacts with local arts professionals and organisations. The artists have a chance to present their work in a HIAP Open Studio event.

The open call for HIAP Residency Programme 2019 for Finnish Art Practitioners. Application period: 6.6.-9.8.2018

Please note that there will not be a general open call for international artists for year 2019. We apologise for those of you who might have been waiting for this call to appear. In 2019 HIAP will invite three artists who are based in Finland and/or who are Finnish to participate in the HIAP Residency Programme via open call. We consider the general international open call to be an important HIAP tradition, and we hope to be able to offer this for year 2020. In year 2019 there are going to be approximately 35 international residents at HIAP, who are selected via invitation or specific open calls arranged with our programme partner organisations.

* * *

The main objectives of the HIAP residency programme are:

- to initiate and support new approaches in producing, understanding, studying and valuing art

- to encourage artistic exploration and cross-disciplinary creativity

- to provide international arts professionals with opportunities to undertake creative work, conduct research and build networks

- to present the creative work of international artists to audiences in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and

- to foster international collaboration, exchange and dialogue in the arts

* * *

HIAP Residency Programme is realised with the support of Nordic Culture Point, The Swedish Cultural Foundation, Australia Council for the Arts and The Academy of Fine Arts Foundation.

The main funders of HIAP Residency Programme are Taike Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Ministry of Education and Culture and City of Helsinki